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Handmade Sewing!


If you have your own hair or buy it from our website, and want to sew them into a wig. This option is for you. Our sewing process is hand-made either by machine or in the traditional way. A wig confection is an advantageous option. the hair can be reusable if you change your mind for a classic weave.

The hand-made process makes it adjustable in terms of density, closure used, etc.

Included: Wig cap, Elastic band


The estimated processing time is around 7-10 working days.

lenght Chart

10’’-14’’: 2 – 3 bundles

16’’-18’’: 3 bundles

20’’- 24’’: 4 bundles

24’’-30’’: 4 – 6 bundles

Usefull Notes

It is strongly recommended that you dry in natural air after washing the extensions. This prevents damage to the hair from the prolonged heat of the dryer. For more tips and recommendations on this product click here here.

When the coloring is not done properly, it could seriously damage the hair. It is important to do this by a professional to maintain the integrity of your extensions after bleaching and / or coloring