Reason behind hair extensions

Reason behind hair extensions

Women and weaves have a lengthy on-again and off-again relationship. Human hair extensions and wigs alike have gained their notoriety and popularity among women over the last few decades. There are dozens of theories behind this rationale, especially for black women who indulge in this fabulous hair vanity. One may ask: What’s the real reason we take such pains to install hair extension?

Good Hair

The thought that every Black woman who installs a hair weave is doing so because she is desperate for “Good Hair” is wrong, absolutely! Believe it or not, most black women wear weaves solely out of joy for fashion. That’s right; Hair weaves are a fantastic accessory, much like earrings, a blouse, nail polish, or even a pair of shoes, it allows one to change her look on a whim. Translation? Not every woman who decides to install a hair weave suffers from a complex about having natural hair.

Another intriguing question: Are black women wearing these weaves for the look and feel of what society perceives to be “Good Hair?” Black women have had to endure hearing phrases like “Good Hair” all their lives from people who perhaps do not understand the natural texture curls.  Natural hair has not always been seen as “Good Hair” in the African American community. Soft curls, clean waves, and bone-straight textures is what is considered “Good Hair.”

Rejection of Black Culture

Black women wear weaves as a rejection of their natural culture. FALSE. Black pride is not dictated by the hair on a Black woman’s head. Many onlookers make this erroneous assumption, just because a woman chooses to sew-in a few tracks or put on a gorgeous lace front wig does not mean she is rejecting her culture. To make such an assumption is like assuming that a white woman who chooses to spray tan her skin is looking to forsaking her Irish heritage. To conjure, a woman has the right to do embellish herself, that is do the things that bring her joy in exterior transformation.


Is it possible that the main reason a Black woman is willing to sit in the stylist chair for hours to install hair extensions has everything to do with the need to assimilate with their European descendant counterparts? To give a hard ‘no’ to this answer would not be entirely accurate for the entire population of Black women. The reality is that some women feel the need to wear wigs or install extensions for easy assimilation into the American culture. Let’s face it, despite the implementation of state legislation to not discriminate against an individual for choosing to wear Afrocentric stylings, history has shown employers to be more accepting of traditional Eurocentric styles.

In Closing

So, what is the takeaway? Simple, let’s not make any assumptions that our Black sisters are wearing weaves to assimilate, reject their Black culture, or in hopes of acquiring what society deems to be “Good Hair.” For most, it’s really not that deep. Many Black women would rather wear their natural curls, kinks, and coils than don hair from the Asian continent to “blend in” with American society and European culture. Society has a long way to go as it relates to accepting kinks and coils. Consequently, one should not mistake society’s hangups for that of the Black woman.